Webinar: How to Target Talent with Top Recruitment Tech

Webinar: How to Target Talent with Top Recruitment Tech

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over 2 years ago

by Emma Larrington

​Webinar with Manager, Emma Larrington

As someone living in the 21st century, you cannot escape the technology revolution, the pace of change is showing no sign of slowing and no industry or profession will be left untouched. For Recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals, this marks a distinct shift in the practices and behaviours they are used to, the days Filofaxes and business cards are long gone, and the likes of Google Jobs and Glassdoor are here to stay. Here at The ONE Group, we know this more than anyone, we aspire to be at the cutting-edge of the recruitment space, bringing in some of the latest tech and process in order to support both our candidates and clients looking to hire top talent. 

Social media AI, big data, career profiling... technology is disrupting the world of recruitment like never before. Do we need CV's, or could work experience and employee feedback be reviewed in real-time by an algorithm? Will your next job interview be with a robot? Or is the human element essential in ensuring people are at the heart of what is arguably a process driven by culture-fit as much as relevant work experience and qualifications?

There’s no doubt that the way we all look for and find and apply for new careers is changing, but where will it end? What do you wear to an interview with an AI?

In this webinar, we’ll be discussing some of the latest technology accessible to talent professionals, why you should use it and how working with a partner that understands the benefits could help to support your recruitment strategy.  

My name is Emma Larrington, join me on Thursday 12th September 2019 to discuss the use of technology in recruitment and how it could help you to find the next generations of talent. 

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