Networking in a Remote World

Networking in a Remote World

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over 1 year ago

by Holly Olugosi

​Just because you are unable to attend physical events - does not mean you are unable to continue networking remotely

The coronavirus has forced so many organisations to start to adapt to remote working solutions for their employees sooner than perhaps they were ready for. We are using this period to come up with creative, new ways of networking to continue to develop our relationships during a period of ‘self-isolation’. 

Why is networking important?

It’s about continuous learning and career growth. Networking with individuals within your industry allows you to build valuable relationships, get new ideas and understand concepts from a different perspective. All in all, networking can open doors you did not even know were there in the first place.

How can I network remotely?

Join online webinars

Our webinar programme has steadily grown throughout the past few weeks, as we seek to provide our network with valuable solutions to the problems they may be facing. Many of our complimentary webinars include participant participation through polls, chats and even access to an exclusive LinkedIn group to continue discussions. We are not the only ones,  many of our clients are hosting webinars that aid in the development of their connections, it's a great way to meet new people, when you otherwise may not have had the time to. 

Take part in virtual meetings

With platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more, you have the ability to continue booking in meetings remotely via video calls. Many are setting themes for their meetings to aid in discussions. Virtual meetings are great for team building and creating rapport within your network, whether this is internally or externally. 

Introduce your LinkedIn connections to each other

Much like you would during face-to-face meetings, why not introduce connections you think may get value from each other? It’s not only helpful but it could be invaluable to them.

Interact and comment on social posts

Whether it’s tagging someone in an interesting post, or direct messaging someone – with so many of us now consuming more content than ever, it’s a great time to be interacting with posts you feel have given you value. It only takes a moment and could leave a lasting positive impression on the author. 

Have you actively been networking remotely? Let us know what has been working for you. 

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