Webinar: Job Searching in a Modern World

Webinar: Job Searching in a Modern World

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over 1 year ago

by Holly Olugosi

​Join us for our myth-busting webinar covering CV writing, building your LinkedIn profile, and getting the most from your recruiter.

The online side of a job search now sees us having to strike the exact balance between professionalism and personality. Application processes and CV writing can seem like minefields to navigate with different employers seeking out different traits, making the whole process exhausting.

That's why we are bringing you an exclusive webinar on getting back to the basics. We'll be answering  your questions on the modern-day job search whilst providing practical supportive guidance on the following questions:

  • How much work history is enough?

  • Do I need to include my date of birth?

  • Does anyone really care about my hobbies and interests?

  • How do I make my LinkedIn profile work for me?

…and so much more!

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