Core IT Support and Infrastructure Role

Bell Education - IT Helpdesk

Overview of Client Challenges:

  • Requirement for a high-calibre professional for IT Helpdesk

  • Small but tightly-knit team, needing a candidate who could integrate and contribute effectively

  • Competitive hiring landscape

  • Support needed sourcing top-tier talent presented

Client Background

Bell Education, a leading education provider, operates a small yet vital IT team servicing multiple locations across the UK and internationally. Bell Education encountered a crucial challenge when a key IT Helpdesk colleague departed from their Cambridge site, leaving a critical gap in their team. To maintain operational efficiency and ensure seamless support across the organisation, Bell Education sought our assistance to identify a suitable replacement.

Our Approach

We embarked on a comprehensive recruitment journey in close collaboration with Bell Education's IT team. Understanding the critical nature of the position and Bell Education's unique requirements, we tailored our approach to ensure a smooth recruitment process.

With our dedicated efforts and strategic guidance, Bell Education successfully onboarded a highly qualified IT professional. The new team member not only met but exceeded expectations, seamlessly integrating into the team and contributing significantly to Bell Education's IT operations. The successful placement underscored the value of patience and diligence in talent acquisition, affirming our capability in delivering tailored recruitment solutions.

The positive reception of the new hire by Bell Education's colleagues highlighted the effectiveness of our approach in identifying candidates who not only possess the requisite skills but also embody the cultural values of the organisation.

How We Added Value

  1. Proactive Engagement: From the outset, we demonstrated a proactive and attentive approach, engaging in constant communication to fully understand Bell Education's specific needs and preferences thoroughly.

  2. Candidate Screening and Communication: Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we screened potential candidates, ensuring alignment with Bell Education's expectations. Continuous feedback ensured that candidate profiles remained aligned with Bell Education's evolving needs.

  3. Persistence Amidst Challenges: Despite the challenging recruitment landscape, we remained resilient and persistent, consistently presenting suitable candidates and adapting strategies to meet Bell Education's objectives.

  4. Emphasis on Team Fit: Recognising the importance of team dynamics, we prioritised assessing candidates' cultural fit, facilitating a seamless integration process.

The collaborative partnership between ourselves and Bell Education resulted in the successful identification and recruitment of a top-tier IT professional, addressing Bell Education's immediate staffing needs and reinforcing the strength of their IT team.

Client Testimonial

"We had an IT helpdesk colleague move on from Bell Education at our Cambridge site and we engaged with The ONE Group to assist us with our search and new hire, they helped us throughout the process and our new starter joined us In early 2023.

As we are a small IT team serving the whole business including several UK and international locations it was imperative that we find a quality replacement to fill the position. The quality of the CV’s received were in line with expectations (which was high), there was constant dialogue in both directions and The ONE Group always listened to my requirements and were keen and very proactive throughout the entire process.

They were particularly on point when it came to staying in touch with candidates for interviews. During what were challenging times to recruit The ONE Group were persistent and worked with me on finding the kind of hire I was looking for as team fit was very important.

I have to say our new team member has been an extremely good hire, it goes to show that you should wait for the right person and that The ONE Group were able to fill this important role for us. They have fitted seamlessly into the team and become a highly valued and appreciated team member since their arrival by all colleagues.

I would happily work with the One Group again should the need arise for future employee searches."

David Claxton-Brown

Bell Education- IT Manager