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Your Marketing Team is More like Harry Potter Than you Think…

Posted 12th February 2018 by Aimee Everest

So, for this blog, I thought I would combine something I do on a daily basis (other than talk about Harry Potter!) with my all-time favourite book/movie franchise. It got me thinking that most marketing ‘characters’ within the team have the exact traits of JK Rowling’s famous individuals. Take a look and see how they relate – although I’m sure you all have your own evil office Voldemort!


Why Good Employees Leave Bad Employers

Posted 6th February 2018 by Catherine Wallis

Attracting staff in the current climate of Gen X and Millennials who want more and more from employers, not just financially but to improve wellbeing and work-life balance is harder than it’s ever been. But now you’ve attracted the best talent, keeping this talent is even harder.


Students: Plugging the Gaps in your Organisation

Posted 24th January 2018 by Jacquelyn Mahoney

It was reported that for the third year running, more than 800 graduate roles were left vacant in 2017, we understand from speaking to our clients who are running graduate programmes, that this can often be impacted by a lack of “first-hand” work experience to partner with their degree. Being based in Cambridge we are in a fortunate position to have access to a diverse, highly-skilled market of students, by utilising a student within your business, you could be helping to upskill candidates, making them more attractive to graduate scheme employers moving forward.


Mind The Gap

Posted 12th January 2018 by Robbie French

There could be a million and one reasons why you have a gap in your Work History. Knowing how to explain these spaces can be daunting and not knowing how to address these whether in an interview or on paper could cost you the job of your dreams. We’ve put together our top tips for explaining these gaps, and how to ace the questions around them in your interview.


New Year, New Career: The Time for Change

Posted 9th January 2018 by Graeme Marks

You may have been unhappy for a while in your role, well there’s never been a better time to change that. In the spirit of the "New Year, New Career" mentality we thought it best to help you know when enough is enough in your current role. There are many signs that your current role is not serving you, we’ve collected a roundup of the most common, and usually ignored, reasons why your role is not right for you.