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Temporary Recruitment Agency

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We are Temporary, Interim and Contract Recruitment Specialists - working across the East of England, the Midlands and Beyond. We offer temporary opportunities across 7 sectors including Accountancy & Finance , Executive, HR, IT, Marketing, Office Support and Technical

Whether you are an employer looking to fill gaps in your skills base or a candidate looking to try something new, temporary employment can be a daunting prospect, short term and often perceived as less desirable, temporary employment may not be for everyone.

Here at the ONE Group we disagree, with the adoption of flexible working becoming more widespread - the role of interim, temporary and contract workers are becoming integral for many businesses. For candidates who are willing to explore this more flexible route to employment there are many benefits, including;

Industry experience; to secure a full-time job, it’s crucial to have relevant experience. Temp work allows you to do both at the same time. Portfolio diversity; Allowing you to build a diverse range of skills and tackle a wide variety of projects. Earn money; need some extra cash for the summer to pay for your beach holiday? If so, temp work is a great way to make money fast. Get a foot in the door; if you’re just starting out in your career, temporary assignments will help you pave the way to that dream role. 

Learn more about our work with temporary and contract roles, click below to connect with our consultants or visit our case studies page to learn more about the projects we have delivered.