Temporary Assembly Technician - Inkjet

Temporary Assembly Technician - Inkjet

Overview of Client Challenges:

  • Immediate requirement for temporary assembly positions with specific skill sets

  • Tight project timeline necessitated swift hiring to avoid delays

  • The project's success directly impacted client relationships and business reputation

  • Limited time and resources to conduct an extensive recruitment process in-house

  • Need for candidates who were not only skilled but also reliable and hardworking to ensure project success

Client Background

Industrial Inkjet Ltd faced an urgent need for temporary assembly positions that required specific skill sets. This need arose in the context of a critical project with a strict deadline. Filling these vacancies quickly was crucial for the project's success and overall business operations.

The tight deadline associated with the important project made it essential to find and hire qualified candidates quickly. Failure to do so would have jeopardised the client's ability to meet project timelines, potentially damaging our relationship with a key client and affecting our business reputation.

Our Approach

Industrial Inkjet Ltd communicated the high stakes of the project with Colette at The ONE Group, emphasising the specific skill sets required for the temporary positions. This detailed briefing was critical to ensure that the candidates presented would be a perfect fit for the client's needs.

Straight away Colette provided a selection of high-quality candidates that matched the client's requirements. This resulted in organising numerous interviews soon after. The efficiency and relevance of the candidates provided significantly streamlined the whole recruitment process.

Impact on the Business

From the pool of candidates presented by Colette, Industrial Inkjet Ltd offered positions to two individuals. These candidates proved to be reliable, hardworking, and instrumental in the successful completion of the project. Their contributions were pivotal in ensuring that the client met their project deadlines.

The successful placement of these candidates enabled us to deliver the project on time, thereby maintaining a strong rapport with our client. This success reinforced the client's credibility and reliability, strengthening our business relationships and reputation.

How We Added Value

  1. Response Time: Colette's immediate action in providing high-quality candidates ensured that the recruitment process moved forward without delay, crucial for meeting tight project deadlines.

  2. Quality Candidates: The candidates presented were not only qualified but also matched the exact skill sets required, reducing the time spent on vetting unsuitable candidates.

  3. Successful Project Delivery: The candidates placed by Colette played a key role in the timely and successful delivery of an important project, maintaining the company's high standards and client relationships.

  4. Streamlined Recruitment Process: The efficiency of our recruitment process, from candidate submission to interview arrangement, significantly eased the recruitment tasks of the company, allowing focus on other critical areas of the project.

  5. Enhanced Business Relationships: Successfully meeting project deadlines helped maintain and strengthen the company's relationship with a key client, positively impacting future business opportunities.

  6. High Level of Service: The overall service provided by Colette and The One Group was above and beyond expectations, ensuring a seamless and effective recruitment experience.

Colette's prompt and effective recruitment solutions provided invaluable support to Industrial Inkjet Ltd, ensuring project success and reinforcing our client relationships.

13 CVs sent

5 interviews

2 successful hires for both roles