Case Study

Financial Controller at Vernalis Research Ltd

Client Background

Vernalis faced a critical need for a Financial Controller to support Clare Searle, the Finance Director. Being a small finance team within an SME, the challenge extended beyond technical expertise to finding a candidate who could seamlessly integrate into their culture. Cultural fit was a priority for Vernalis, as they sought someone who could embody their collaborative ethos.

Before engaging with us, Vernalis explored internal recruitment options but found them impractical due to time constraints and the need for professional assistance in implementing a comprehensive financial assessment within the interview process. Clare's existing relationship with our Senior Finance Recruiter, Nick Culley, prompted her to engage with our services. Detailed discussions instilled confidence in our expertise, leading to an exclusive engagement.


Urgent need for an experienced Financial Controller

A top-to-bottom role with an ambitious SME business

Market challenges in identifying high-calibre accountancy professional

Importance of finding a candidate who aligned with organisational culture

How we added value

Expertise and Consultation

Extensive Candidate Pool

Efficient Shortlisting

Thorough Screening

Ongoing Support

Value The New Candidate Will Bring

Having a quality Financial Controller in place is paramount for a business such as Vernalis. They play a crucial role in ensuring the financial health and stability of the company. With the right Financial Controller, there is trust that the financial operations are in capable hands, allowing the team to focus on driving the business forward.

As the Finance Director's role and responsibilities evolve, having the right team becomes increasingly important in providing invaluable support. The FD is able to make informed decisions with confidence, and has peace of mind, knowing that they have a competent and reliable team operating efficiently.

Our Approach

With our support throughout the recruitment process, Vernalis more than achieved their desired outcome. While expecting to find one exceptional candidate, they were presented with a strong shortlist and ultimately faced a difficult decision between two outstanding candidates. Our experienced Finance Recruitment Specialists, Scott and Nick, provided seamless support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth experience and instilling confidence in the client that the recruitment process was in safe, very capable hands.

Did We Meet Expectations?

Overall, our proactive approach, industry knowledge, and dedication to client satisfaction contributed significantly to Vernalis' recruitment process, ensuring a successful outcome.

Expertise and Consultation

We provided expert guidance and consultation, assisting Vernalis in navigating the recruitment process effectively. This included refining the
vacancy brief, suggesting improvements to
the interview process, and offering insights
into market trends and candidate expectations.

Efficient Shortlisting

We streamlined the candidate selection process, saving Vernalis time and effort
by presenting candidates tailored to
their specific requirements and preferences.

Ongoing Support

Throughout the recruitment process, we provided support, promptly addressing concerns and questions, enhancing Vernalis' confidence in the process and their ultimate hiring decision.

Extensive Candidate Pool

Leveraging our extensive network and
resources, we presented Vernalis with a
diverse and high-quality pool of candidates.
This ensured that Vernalis had access to top talent that may not have been reachable
through their recruitment efforts.

Thorough Screening

Our thorough screening process
ensured that candidates not only possessed technical proficiency but
also aligned with Vernalis' culture
and values, reducing the risk of mismatches.

Meeting Expectations

By presenting Vernalis with a shortlist of exceptional candidates, we demonstrated our commitment to delivering value, reinforcing trust in our services and facilitating the hiring of a highly qualified Financial Controller.

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