Allison Homes: Case Study

Allison Homes

Overview of Client Goals:

  • Open vacancy for a senior Head of HR role within the business

  • The role had specific requirements and needed someone with previous expertise, and experience

  • Requirement for support in identifying high-calibre professionals

Company Background

Allison Homes, a prominent player in the real estate industry, is renowned for its commitment to building homes that foster vibrant communities and strong relationships. Guided by principles of customer focus, teamwork, sustainability, and biodiversity, Allison Homes aims to create exceptional living environments while upholding values of pride and trust.

Requirement for Head of HR

Amidst organisational changes, Allison Homes recognised the need to onboard a Head of HR to steer their human resources function towards strategic excellence. However, the company wanted support in identifying high-caliber candidates who not only possessed the required expertise but also aligned with their unique culture and values.

Having connected with us through a networking event, Allison Homes sought to leverage our expertise in navigating the senior HR candidate market. Allison Homes provided insights into their organisational needs, sector-specific requirements, and cultural expectations.

Our Approach

Our team meticulously crafted a recruitment strategy tailored to Allison Homes' needs, focusing on sourcing candidates with proven experience and a cultural fit. Leveraging our extensive network and industry knowledge, we identified a shortlist of five candidates, each meticulously vetted to ensure alignment with Allison Homes' requirements.

Allison Homes then embarked on the interview process, evaluating the shortlisted candidates against predetermined criteria. The collaboration between Allison Homes and us facilitated seamless communication and transparency throughout the recruitment journey.

As the process unfolded, two additional exceptional candidates emerged, further enriching the pool of potential hires. Through a structured evaluation process, Allison Homes conducted thorough interviews and deliberations, confident in the quality of candidates presented.

How We Added Value

The recruitment process ended in the successful selection of a high-caliber Senior HR candidate, who exemplified the expertise, cultural alignment, and leadership capabilities sought by Allison Homes. The collaborative efforts between ourselves and Allison Homes ensured a smooth and efficient recruitment process, ultimately meeting the brief and delivering exceptional outcomes.

Our partnership delivered added value to Allison Homes' talent acquisition efforts:

  1. High-Quality Candidates: By focusing on understanding Allison Homes' unique requirements and culture, we presented candidates who were not only qualified but also aligned with the company's values and vision.

  2. Efficiency and Speed: The streamlined recruitment process, led by our specialist recruitment consultant, reduced time-to-hire and minimised the load on the hiring team, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities.

  3. Enhanced Candidate Experience: Candidates experienced a seamless and professional recruitment journey, reflecting positively on the client's employer brand and creating a positive candidate experience.

  4. Successful Hire: With our expertise and support, Allison Homes successfully recruited a Head of HR who quickly integrated into the team and contributed to the department's growth and success.

Client Testimonial

Allison Homes was delighted with our performance, highlighting our commitment to delivering excellence at every stage of the recruitment process. Our seamless execution, clear communication, and delivery of high-quality candidates affirmed Allison Homes' decision to partner with us, underscoring the value of our expertise and professionalism.


"We selected The ONE Group and we have no regrets. We could not be happier with the performance of The ONE Group.

They delivered on every aspect of the overall assignment."

Paul Wallwork – CFO of Allison Homes


Kathleen Bailey | Consultant, Human Resources - Peterborough Office

Our specialist HR consultant Kathleen assisted Allison Homes to recruit for this role. Kathleen's been providing a specialist service to a diverse range of HR teams to continue to add value to their businesses. Kathleen is passionate about recruitment and loves to combine all the things she enjoys on a day-to-day basis; talking to people, building relationships and, finding solutions to problems.

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