CPSL Mind: Case Study



  • Open vacancies for two Finance positions; permanent Head of Finance and an Interim Finance Systems

  • Time-pressured requirements

  • Requirement for support in identifying high-calibre professionals

Company Background

CPSL Mind is based in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, and South Lincolnshire. They are a values-based, mental health charity. Who are a highly collaborative organisation, providing a range of strengths-based services and projects to support recovery from mental health problems and promote positive mental health across our diverse communities.

The Challenges

Like many organisations, CPSL Mind faced the common challenge of sourcing qualified candidates for critical roles within the fiercely competitive landscape of finance. They needed to fill both a permanent Head of Finance position and an Interim Finance Systems Consultant quickly and efficiently.

Time limitations added pressure, requiring a quick yet thorough recruitment process. Additionally, aligning candidates not only with essential skills but also with the organisation's unique culture and ethos posed a significant challenge.

Recognising the complexity of their requirements, CPSL Mind turned to us, with our long-standing relationship and our expertise in the finance candidate market, we were entrusted with this crucial task.

The Approach

Our approach began with our team actively learning and understanding CPSL Mind's organisation, its culture, operations, challenges, and goals. We go beyond surface-level discussions and involve first-hand experiences; we visited the client's premises, observed their operations, interacted with key stakeholders, and gained a comprehensive understanding of their unique working environment.

With all this information we can fully understand the CPSL Mind's world to gather insights and perspectives necessary for providing tailored recruitment services.

How We Added Value

The recruitment process ended in the successful selection of two high-calibre Finance Professionals, both had the expertise, skill-set, and cultural fit, sought by CPSL Mind. Our collaborative efforts ensured a smooth and efficient recruitment process, adding value and delivering above expectations.

Added value to CPSL Mind's talent acquisition efforts:

  • Exclusivity and Dedication: By opting for an exclusive partnership between ourselves and CPSL Mind gained a dedicated recruitment partner committed solely to their needs. This exclusive arrangement eliminated the need to juggle multiple agencies, streamlining communication and decision-making processes. Our undivided attention ensured that CPSL Mind received focused support, enhancing the efficiency of the recruitment journey.

  • Time-saving Measures: Recognising CPSL Mind's time-sensitive requirements, we implemented strategies to expedite the recruitment process without compromising quality. Through meticulous candidate screening and proactive engagement, we presented CPSL Mind with a targeted shortlist of qualified candidates, minimising the time spent on candidate sourcing and selection.

  • Tailored Approach: Our approach was tailored to align with CPSL Mind's organisational culture and requirements. Understanding CPSL Mind provided valuable insights into the ethos and working environment, enabling us to identify candidates who not only possessed the necessary skills but also resonated with the organisation's values. This tailored approach ensured that CPSL Mind received candidates who were not only technically proficient but also culturally compatible.

  • Transparent Communication: Throughout the recruitment process, we prioritised transparent communication, keeping CPSL Mind informed at every stage. Regular updates, feedback sessions, and open dialogue enabled a collaborative relationship, enabling CPSL Mind to actively participate in the decision-making process and provide valuable insights. This transparent communication facilitated mutual understanding and trust, enhancing the overall recruitment experience.

  • Additional Support and Resources: In addition to their core recruitment services, we went above and beyond to provide extra support and resources to CPSL Mind. This included creating a tailored video advert filmed at CPSL Mind's premises, which not only showcased the organisation's unique identity but also enhanced their visibility in the candidate market. By leveraging their marketing expertise, we amplified CPSL Mind's employer brand, attracting top talent and strengthening their position as an employer of choice.

Client Testimonial

client testimonial

"We worked with The One Group towards the end of 2022 to secure us a short-term Finance Consultant, alongside a permanent Head of Finance position.

The benefits to working exclusively with The ONE Group on these opportunities were massive – we were very time-pressured, and exclusivity meant I only had to deal with one agency, saving me loads of time. We felt The ONE Group were really invested in us and helping us find what we needed to move forward – the team really took the opportunity to get to know us, and we benefitted from additional marketing support in the form of a video advert filmed at our premises in a format that suited us. Additionally, exclusivity meant any potential awkwardness was removed, meaning we could have direct conversations and make decisions quickly.

All of this undoubtedly helped us to fill our positions quickly and effectively, and we were very pleased with the outcome. Many thanks to The ONE Group, we would definitely recommend them! "

Emily Gray - Deputy CEO