Interior Designer and Contracts Manager

Interior Designer and Contract Manager

Overview of Client Challenges:

  • Intense market demand for experienced interior designers and contract managers

  • Immediate need to fill positions without compromising on candidate quality

  • Necessity of finding a candidate with precise skill set, experience, and personality fit

  • Increased workload required additional skilled professionals to sustain growth and manage the workload effectively

Client Background

The client is a thriving construction and refurbishment design firm experiencing steady growth in projects and clientele. To sustain this momentum and effectively manage the increasing workload, they sought to recruit skilled professionals in key positions, including interior designers and contract managers.

Our Approach

Kate, a Senior Recruitment consultant from The ONE Group meticulously planned her approach to meet the client's needs effectively:

  • Thorough Research: Kate conducted extensive research to understand the requirements of the interior design industry, including the necessary skills and qualifications.

  • Strategic Advertising: Leveraging various platforms, including job boards and professional networks, Kate strategically advertised the job roles to reach a diverse pool of candidates.

  • Networking: Utilising her network and reaching out to industry professionals, Kate received recommendations for highly qualified candidates, ensuring access to top talent.

Impact on the Business

With the new hires in place, existing employees were relieved of excessive workload, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities and personal growth opportunities. The CEO was able to return to his primary role of running the company rather than managing contracts. And an existing staff member gained a mentor with future promotion plans. As well as this, the Operations Director received a well-deserved break and peace of mind.

How We Added Value

Through a combination of strategic planning and persistence, Kate successfully recruited a diverse range of candidates, exceeding the client's expectations:

  • Wide Candidate Pool: By utilising multiple channels for recruitment, Kate made new candidate connections, ranging from junior to highly experienced interior designers.

  • Exceeding Expectations: The client was presented with an array of candidates, and they opted to hire both a junior and an experienced interior designer, enabling them to tackle various projects simultaneously.

  • Fulfilling Additional Needs: Recognising the need for a Contract Manager to oversee the increased workload, Kate continued her proactive approach, ultimately securing a suitable candidate to manage new projects effectively.

Through strategic planning, relentless effort, and effective networking, Kate successfully addressed her client's recruitment needs, enabling them to sustain growth, streamline operations, and build employee development. This case study underscores the importance of adaptability, persistence, and creativity in navigating challenges and achieving desired outcomes in the recruitment process.