Your Marketing Team is More like Harry Potter Than you Think…

Your Marketing Team is More like Harry Potter Than you...

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almost 4 years ago

by Keri Rossiter-Turner

​Written by Aimee Everest 

So, for my first ever blog, I thought I would combine something I do on a daily basis (other than talk about Harry Potter!) with my all-time favourite book/movie franchise.

It got me thinking that most marketing ‘characters’ within the team have the exact traits of JK Rowling’s famous individuals. Take a look and see how they relate – although I’m sure you all have your own evil office Voldemort!

The Brand Manager aka Professor Dumbledore

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Brand Ambassador. Brand Controller. Maintains a ‘good brand’ image. Brand Managers are essentially your Dumbledores. Professor Dumbledore has worked hard to make sure Hogwarts projects the branding he requires – the best school for witchcraft and wizardry, a school founded upon values of courage, bravery and intellect that everyone, despite their background, can call a home. Hogwarts is Dumbledore, Dumbledore is Hogwarts. In the same way, your Brand Manager is your Brand. Your Brand is your Brand Manager. When Dumbledore died, the school went into disarray – so make sure you hold onto your Brand Manager!

The Copywriter aka Hermione Grainger

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The office bookworm. Probably has an English degree. But likely to be one of the most intelligent people in the team with amazing communication skills! The Copywriter will have the widest vocabulary in the team and the ability to turn even the most boring of content into a good read. Like Hermione, copywriters are curious and have exceptional research skills along with the ability to ask the right questions to get the most useful information. They can see different points of view, but ultimately have the skills to persuade, through writing, that their option is best. Who wouldn’t want to be a Hermione?

The Sales Manager aka Professor Snape

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Mr Stealth himself! The Sales Manager, just like Professor Severus Snape, has the ability to easily fool others into getting the information he wants/needs to make a successful sale, or in Snape’s case – being a successful double agent! The Sales Manager does what he can to get information and often doesn’t care what people think of him as a result – as long as he knows he is doing it for the good of another (or the good of making that sale!). The character everyone loves to hate, but when it all comes to fruition, he is loved. Even after all this time. Always.

The Marketing Intern aka Dobby

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Likely to be one of the most loyal in the marketing team. They will serve the marketing team without question, whether it be making a cup of tea or designing an email template. Often without pay. Marketing Interns, with house-elf like qualities, will work for their love of marketing and dedication to get their first step on the career ladder. And they live in the hope that one day they will also be given a sock and freed into the big wide marketing world.

The PR Manager aka Harry Potter

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Of course. Harry Potter. The Hero. Harry Potter is at the heart of the action when things go wrong. He is there to solve the crisis and live up to his reputation of being the one who can stop ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’. Much like the Public Relations Manager. When disaster strikes publicly, it is the PR Manager who has to deal with the problem and make sure the company’s reputation comes out of the situation unscathed. Just like Harry had to deal with the beetle that is Rita Skeeter and her Quick-Notes Quill; PR Managers are in constant communication with the press – getting good stories out there, building the reputation to the public and increasing awareness. The PR Manager aka the Hero and Lifesaver of the organisation!

The Marketing Executive aka Ronald Weasley

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Ronald Weasley. The loyal companion. The thirst for proving himself. But the Marketing Executive?! Okay, hear me out. Marketing Executives, much like Ron, are often not the key decision makers. Why would he need to be with the likes of Hermione and Harry as best mates? The Marketing Executive, does, however, offer great input into planning, comes up with ideas and offers advice on the implementation level as they are the ones ‘getting their hands dirty’ so to speak. Similar to Ron, Marketing Executives often feel the need to prove themselves to succeed and have the drive to be the best – but tend to have that one person in the team (i.e. Harry) standing in their way. So they are loyal to their Marketing Manager, and often pick up the pieces when things go wrong! Plus everyone loves a Ron Weasley – or as Draco’s badges said in that eventful quidditch match – WEASLEY IS OUR KING.

The Events Manager aka The Weasley Twins

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The Product Development Manager aka Neville Longbottom

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So I know you all have that one question – who exactly is Lord Voldemort? Well, I will leave that for you to decide.

As JK Rowling once said – don’t let the muggles get you down!

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