Top 4 Essential Skills Needed in Marketing Today

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Top 4 Essential Skills Needed in Marketing Today

  • Publish Date: over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Keri Rossiter-Turner

​​Are you interested in starting a career in marketing, or looking to develop your existing skill set - unsure of where to focus your efforts?

A quick Google search will define Marketing as simply a means of' promoting and selling products', for anyone working in this space this description barely scratches the surface when it comes to describing the day-to-day lives of the modern Marketer. Our Marketing Specialists work closely with a number of businesses across the region to procure the latest and greatest marketing skillsets - you might ask, why should I care? We appreciate that Marketing is not just one dimensional and so do our clients, whether its moving marketing from offline to online, scheduling to automation we know which skills are in demand and what you need, to be considered a contemporary Marketer. 

We have collated a list of top 4 essential skills our employers are asking more of from their Marketers today to help you develop within your career and land your dream Marketing job. 

Take a minute to watch our consultants talk through these skills.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an extremely powerful marketing tool, and now businesses are wanting their marketers to have the skills to develop and build social media strategies across multiple platforms using multiposter software such as HootSuite, Buffer and Sprout Social. In order to do this successfully, you need to be able to understand the personality of your brand you are marketing. 

2. Storytellers through content

Curating content that stands out to the reader is a skill we are seeing across our jobs. This requires you to be creative in your thinking, holding a good written and verbal communication ability, and researching. Whether it is primary or secondary research – you need to understand your industry to be able to market it effectively and be heard amongst competing brands. 

3. E-mail & Marketing Automation

We’re seeing businesses wanting employees with knowledge of managing E-mail campaigns, particularly using automated software platforms such as HubSpot and Mail Chimp. With more, and more organisations requiring specialists in campaign management such as Email Marketing Managers, and Email Marketing Executives - having the ability to demonstrate your ability to understand 'e-mail' is a skill high in demand.

4.  Analytics and ROI

Data is a huge part of the way in which marketing works, especially digitally – the businesses we were work with are looking for employees with knowledge of their industries, and sectors. You need to be able to demonstrate understanding of analysing data from platforms such as Google Analytics.

Does this sound like you?

If you think you have got these skills or are interested in a career in Marketing - we would love to hear from you! Apply for your next dream marketing role here!