The Scary Truth About Being an Apprentice

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The Scary Truth
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The Scary Truth About Being an Apprentice

  • Publish Date: over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Rebecca Head

This Halloween we’ll be exploring Spooktacular facts to give you greater insight into your job sector.

Being an apprentice can benefit many professions which are better learned hands-on and not being sat in a classroom for long hours. They are an opportunity to learn new skills whilst earning a wage and studying a qualification. However, apprenticeships are not so publicised as other routes and many are unsure of what to expect when becoming an apprentice.

So whether you're currently working as an Apprentice, or contemplating joining an Apprenticeship scheme, here's some truths on what it is like working as an apprentice: 

1. It's not a 'get out of studying' card

Companies look for individuals who are passionate about their chosen industry and are keen to get involved with their company. They gain a great deal from apprentices as they can generate skilled workers who are experts in their trade. Choosing an apprenticeship means you are eager to study and want to gain hands-on experience in the workplace. The industry you choose must take interest as you will need to work hard, alongside adjusting to longer hours and committing to studying a qualification. If you choose an apprenticeship you don’t enjoy or take interest in, you will struggle to get through the day and keep on top of work and study responsibilities.

2. Selecting the right qualification is key

Like choosing the right job, choosing the right qualification is twice as important. Most apprenticeships choose what qualification will take place within the role from GCSE through to Degree level. Make sure what you study is relevant to your career inspirations. Studying in a full-time job is different to being at university. All your study takes place online unlike being in a lecture room, so you need to be interested in what you are learning if you are dedicating time to your studies and making sure you are productive and on track.

3. Colleagues are more understanding than you think

It can be scary walking into a new environment like an office, especially when you have never worked in one before. Everyone knows each other and you are the new face! But don’t let that put you off an apprenticeship… Being an apprentice is great! Everyone knows you are eager to learn, and they are more than happy to help you. When I started at The ONE Group, I had never made a professional phone call or sent a formal email before in terms of work. It was all new to me but everyone around was there to support me along the way and I could always ask again if I needed to go over something. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as this is the best time for you to get hands-on experience.

4. The ‘student life’ experience

Being an apprentice means your life as a student will be limited compared to studying full-time at university. You are going into a full-time job with a dedication to both your role and your studies. So yes, you do miss out on some of the party and social side of being a student but that doesn’t mean it is completely cut out your life! Look at it on the positive side; evenings or weekends can still be used to meet up with friends or family, you will be earning a salary with no payment towards fees and it is a step into your career and of course, you still get your student discount!!

5. The end

All good things come to an end and that includes apprenticeships. Many companies offer the apprentice a position at the end but you or the employer are not obligated to stay/hire after the program is over. This opportunity is a great way to take a step into your career and the employers decision will be dependent on your commitment and passion for your job (remember they have trained you with the skills they look for in an employer so you can do the job – show them why you are worth keeping!)

If you come to the end of your apprenticeship and want to move onto your next opportunity, then the stage is yours! Many companies keep an eye out for apprentices as they know you have been trained with the skills they are looking for. Plus, you will have your qualification to put to use!

If you want further help with your next job search, then get in touch with employers and recruitment agencies. Here at The ONE Group we welcome apprentices who are looking for their next step into a job.

Interested in learning more? Why not book a place at our upcoming event centered around apprenticeships today.