The Scary Truth about Working in Marketing

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The Scary Truth
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The Scary Truth about Working in Marketing

  • Publish Date: over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Harry Bragg

Whether or not you currently work in your dream Marketing role or are exploring your options of becoming a future Marketer - these scary truths will give you greater insight into your job sector. 

Working in Marketing means you’re an all-encompassing wizard on making things ‘pretty’ right? I mean bar all the market research, SEOgraphic design, logistics, customer and user experience – teaching colleagues how to turn concepts into reality (to name a few)elements to your day-to-day role – you’re a certified Marketing wizard.

With an ever-expanding list of specialist Marketing job roles opening as businesses move to target their marketing activity, we appreciate that Marketing is not just one-dimensional and so do our clients.

So, whether you’re an experienced Marketing Director, fresh-faced out of University or College these scary truths will give you an idea about what it is like to work in Marketing.

It can be seen as a woman’s world

Perhaps to your surprise, just 32% of Marketers who partook in our 2019/20 Salary Survey were males, of whom were twice as likely to hold a managerial position in their companies in comparison to their female colleagues. This is supported by a report published by Marketing Week highlighting that twice as many men to women reach Director level. 

Although research suggests a diversified management team is likely to result in improved profitability for organisations (Forbes).

Qualifications can give you a competitive edge

Although having relevant skills and hands-on experience as a Marketer is valued, holding relevant and up-to-date qualifications could put you at an advantage when competing against similar candidates to secure your next role. Finding highly skilled candidates is an asset to employers – so why not give yourself a competitive edge? 55% of marketers hold a qualification relevant to their careers.

Popular qualifications related to Marketing include CIM levels 4 and 6.

Everyone likes to think they know about Marketing

In contrast to other job functions, Marketing is universal. With the influx of personal social media usage – everyone likes to think they know something about Marketing. Be patient and work with colleagues in your organisation to get the best outcome for the task. 

Understanding our social media post isn’t going to last forever

Spending hours on a social media post isn’t always the best use of your time. With a staggering 500 million Tweets sent out a day, and 7.2 million posts made on LinkedIn daily, it’s unsurprising for posts to get lost and forgotten in a sea of other posts. We’ve all been there and dwelled over a post that has had it’s 2 minutes of fame.

Evaluate the value you’ll receive back before devoting your time to posts with an expiration date.

There’s no such thing as a ‘same’ day

The great part of the job – is no day is the same. With the creation of campaigns, content, and logistical planning, working in marketing can give you great role variability.