How to Become a Human Resource Manager

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How to Become a Human Resource Manager

  • Publish Date: over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Kathleen Bailey

Deciding on a career path can be difficult at the best of times, with so many opportunities on the table, being sure which direction to take can often be stressful and not always clear.

Combinations of sector, industry and job role are almost endless, so once you've made your choice, how do you know it is the right one, how do you understand what a role truly entails and how do you map your progress to journey's end. 

The 'how to become...' series explores a number of successful journey's and provide insights to aid your career decision-making. To do this we have interviewed successful business leaders, employees and employers to find out how they got to where they are today, giving insight into a range of different job roles, offering first-hand advice on how to improve your potential and employability.

Beckie - HR& Office Assistant to HR Manager 

How did you decide that this career was for you?

I applied for a 12-month work experience position alongside my Business Diploma. It was a split role working in HR for two weeks of the month, followed by 1 week in Marketing and then finishing each month with a week in the Sales department. I reported into the Head of HR, and she pretty much became my role model. After a few months, I was offered a full-time permanent position in HR.

What is the best thing about your role?

Learning and variety! Each day is so different, one day I am planning and carrying out a disciplinary hearing or investigation and the next I may be doing a risk assessment for a newly expectant Mummy. Each of these situations are so different, and I am constantly learning how to deal with them in the best way.

During your development, what skills would you say are essential for your role?

Listening and spotting the information needed. This may be for an interview, or an investigation - each as important as each other with the key being the gathering of factual and fair information.

What advice would you give to someone looking to develop these skills?

Practice! You can even practice this in everyday life. Listen deeply to what someone is saying to you, and ensure you can pick out and remember the key points (or take notes!).

What are the biggest challenges you've faced during your development?

Probably buy-in. I am very young for the role I am in, and trying to gain people's faith in my ability was initially tricky but all I can say is stick at it.

How have you overcome these challenges?

I made sure I had the correct attitude and even at the times I doubted myself I used it as motivation to ensure the doubt was squashed! If you believe yourself you can do it, others will soon realise.

Give one piece of advice for a potential candidate joining your business

Be a sponge! There is so much to learn from here, and in all other organisations, so make sure you have your ears open (and a notebook ready!). As with a lot of other industries, we are very fast-paced and keeping up with trends and times is a big factor.

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