Remote Employee Recognition

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Remote Celebration
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Remote Employee Recognition

  • Publish Date: almost 4 years ago
  • Author:by Lucy Atkin

It's pivotal as employers, and managers that we continue to recognise achievements of employees remotely, to reflect our appreciation...

With so many organisations making it mandatory to work from home, and many of us choosing to WFH for the foreseeable future - it’s easy to feel isolated within your own work bubble.

Many have more time to complete work faster, whilst others are battling work and home life so much so, that it's a miracle we got logged on at 9 am.

This is a period in our working lives most of us have never experienced, leaving us vulnerable to the prospect of the ‘unknown’, and shifting our confidence in our ability to perform well at work.

Therefore, as a leader within your organisation - recognising employees hard work through turbulence is a meaningful way to upkeep positive morale, and reflect a clear sense of employee awareness within your teams.

Ways to recognise employees during a pandemic:

Coming up with creative ways of showing recognition and appreciation can be difficult, so here are 4 quick examples of what we have seen companies do during this pandemic.

Celebratory Video Calls

Video technology platforms like Microsoft Teams, and Zoom allow you to continue to have face-to-face interactions with your colleagues and employees. Booking in meetings in advance to recognise the achievements of your teams, or to individually congratulate your employees is a great way to boost morale and highlight that you are still paying attention to their work.

Continue your employee newsletter

A newsletter is a great, low-cost way for all employees to easily digest moments within your teams or your organisation as a whole. Celebrating achievements through this platform is another way to uplift team spirits as recognition is in writing and can be looked back on.

Send food and drink

We’ve heard of clients who have ordered a round of pizza, or drinks for their employees to ‘cheers’ or eat together on zoom as a way of upkeeping positivity and unity through the lockdown. You can set aside a Friday afternoon to do this perhaps allowing for the whole team to get involved.

Congratulation flowers

If you haven’t got the budget to be sending your whole team a pizza, sending across congratulatory flowers and a card is another meaningful way to celebrate a win within your team.

Of course, there are many alternate ways, big and small that you can recognise your employees hard work from WhatsApp group messages, to LinkedIn posts, and even simply by talking to them over the phone. Research inherently highlights how happy employees, are more productive – so let us know what you are doing to keep engagement levels high.