Internal Communication During the Pandemic

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Internal Communication During the Pandemic

  • Publish Date: over 3 years ago
  • Author:by Harry Bragg

If you agree that communication is key during the current crisis, have a read of what Marketing Consultant, Harry Bragg recommends as a solution.

One thing we have relied on more than we usually would during the current pandemic is information and direction from others.

We all gather round the TV to watch the government’s latest instructions and patiently stand at the entrance of shops while a member of staff tells you their take on safety measures. We scour the internet for news articles, look at scientists' predictions and try to understand what our short and long term future may look like

For those that are lucky enough to still be employed during this torrid period, information from your employer is something you rely on hugely and something you could be left feeling extremely anxious without.

Are we working from home? Can we work from home? If not, what measure are they taking to ensure our place of work is "Covid safe"? Can we have the air con on? How many people will be in? Do we take our temperature? Can we use the kettle? The list is, quite honestly, endless…

Internal Communications is a skill - and an incredibly valuable one at that. To take information given from our government and present it to the wider business and keep your fellow colleagues safe, is a massive responsibility. People within this profession are typically found in larger businesses due to the sheer number of protocols that comes with having a business of a certain size. However, when something like a global virus strikes, it's just as important for businesses of all sizes to ensure that messages are being relayed correctly and no one is left in doubt as to what their responsibility is.

I’ve been having conversations with numerous businesses of all sizes on what a good Internal Communications professional looks like and essentially whether they’re worth it.

The answer to that question is always "yes", however you may be forgiven for thinking that you don’t need a member of staff within that remit forever - and that’s why the temp market exists.

A temporary member of staff can come in to take care of certain requirements and move on when their work is done. They are experienced and skilled in their field and good internal communicators are worth their weight in gold. They can be employed on a weekly basis and when you feel they have fulfilled their duties, will move on with an accomplished smile on their face. Alternatively, you may feel they were such an asset to your business you want them to stick around and come on board full time, who knows?!

If you would like to have a chat about how a temporary Internal Communications professional can take what probably feels like the weight of the world off your shoulders, please feel free to reach out.