Is your HR team overworked and understaffed?

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Is your HR team overworked and understaffed?

  • Publish Date: over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Kathleen Bailey

Is your HR team overworked and understaffed?

I've spoken to a number of HR teams recently that have been through a reduction in numbers to cope financially with the effects of the pandemic, Brexit, and the rising cost of living. BUT, the workload has remained the same or increased, as it's the HR team that supports the rest of the business in times of uncertainty and change.

Would your team benefit from someone with the right skill set just to take up the slack and plough through some of the work to free up your team to deal with more pressing matters this week, next week, or the week after?

Solution: temporary support!

While I appreciate taking on new starters in permanent positions is not high on most business agendas currently, the work still needs to be done and I have a number of immediately available candidates that would be happy to come in and help you out, short-term. It may be for a week or it may be a month but you could be benefiting from an extra pair of hands as of tomorrow!

Our candidates are referenced and ready to start. We manage payroll and timesheets and you get someone to support your team who is fully aware of what you need from them.

Utilising Video

We can ask the candidate to record a short introduction video using a new platform that we have invested in to send along with their CV.

This allows you to get an insight into the person behind the CV, see their personality and have them explain in their own words what they are capable of without you having to physically meet them. You can also share the videos with other decision-makers if necessary without having to sync diaries.

For some positions such as HR Assistants or Administrators, this could eliminate the need for interviews whilst still securing confidence in the process.

For other more complex positions, it can help with short-listing, and generally speed up the hiring process.

If your team is already up against deadlines and struggling to get through the workload, minimising time and stress is key!

So, if you need support, short term, please get in touch today.

Kathleen Bailey