Why a career in IT is a great choice for women

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Why a career in IT is a great choice for women

  • Publish Date: about 1 year ago
  • Author:by Jessica Scrine

Women have been underrepresented in the technology industry for years, but this is beginning to change. As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, more and more women are entering the World of IT, breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes. As it's International Girls in ICT Day, we thought we'd reach out to Lenka, who works within the IT field for her thoughts.

Lenka Wolfova, Senior Population Health Data Analyst, at Graphnet Health.

"As a senior population health data analyst with six years of experience working in IT, I can say that it's a great career for women. I got into IT because I was always interested in coding. While working as a warehouse operator, I created a technical project and started learning coding, which led me to apply for my first IT role as a junior data analyst.

I love working in IT because I can contribute to new technical solutions that help with our daily lives. My job is very rewarding because I work in the healthcare industry. I believe that one of the advantages of being a woman in IT is that it can lead to opportunities to make a difference in society.

When I look at my IT team, I see a diverse mix of men and women. Within our company, everyone is used to seeing women working within IT, so I personally haven’t experienced any issues or judgment. However, I understand that historically, women have been underrepresented in the IT industry and may face challenges such as discrimination, a lack of female role models, and the glass ceiling effect. But I hope as more women enter the field, we are breaking down these barriers and paving the way for future generations.

To any female thinking of starting a career in IT, I would say go for it! If you are passionate about working in the IT industry, then don’t be afraid! Yes, there might be challenges, but they will help you grow. For me, the biggest challenge was studying in English as my job requires day-to-day studying and keeping up with new technology."

We think the IT industry is a great career for women. While there may be challenges, it's a field that is constantly evolving, and women are making significant contributions. If you are interested in technology and want to make a difference, then IT could be the perfect career for you.​ Why not reach out and speak to us about opportunities to enter the fast-past and ever-changing field of IT!