#BeYou - Dressing for Job Interviews

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Dressing For Job Interviews[1]
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#BeYou - Dressing for Job Interviews

  • Publish Date: 10 months ago
  • Author:by Leanne Davidson-Town

​It’s important to dress appropriately for a job interview to make a positive impression, but we feel it's equally as important to be yourself to remain true to yourself to showcase your personality during this key stage of a job hunt. This blog aims to guide you on how to find the perfect balance between dressing appropriately and expressing your authentic self during job interviews.

Research the Company Culture:

Before attending a job interview, one thing you could do is conduct research on the company's culture and dress code. You could explore their website, social media presence, and employee profiles to gain insights into their style preferences. This knowledge you get from this will help you to align your interview outfit with the company's expectations while still allowing your personality to come through.

Dress Above Expectations:

It is sometimes recommended to dress one step above the company's regular dress code. This is because it demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to the job opportunity. To do this, if the company has a smart casual dress code, you could opt for a more formal outfit to make a more memorable impression.

Showcase Your Personal Style:

While adhering to a more formal way to dress, we believe you should still try to find ways to showcase your personal style. You could look for subtle opportunities to incorporate elements that reflect your personality. For example, if you love vibrant colours, choose a shirt or blouse in a shade that you like or if you love to accessorise, you could incorporate a statement piece that adds a touch of uniqueness without overpowering the outfit.

Fit and Quality:

Regardless of your personal style, one thing to try and get right is to ensure your outfit fits well and looks to be good quality. If you wear something that doesn’t quite fit correctly or looks a bit shabby it might suggest a lack of attention to detail and perhaps unprofessionalism. When your clothing fits well, you'll feel more confident, and this will help you during the interview.

Let Your Personality Shine:

Beyond your outfit, try to let your personality shine through during job interviews. Being yourself and authentic goes beyond your clothing and encompasses your personality and communication style. Being genuine, enthusiastic, or passionate about the role and company and expressing your true self through your words and actions can make a lasting impression on the hiring managers.

Be Yourself!

While it's valuable to seek advice and consider dress codes, it's essential to trust yourself when selecting an interview outfit. Dressing in a way that aligns with your personal style and makes you feel comfortable is key. When you feel like yourself, you will feel more confident and will be able to present your skills and qualifications authentically.


We hope this blog has helped you when looking for an outfit for interviews and understanding that you don't have to sacrifice being yourself. When you let your personality shine through, you can master the art of being yourself while still leaving a professional impression. Remember, authenticity is a valuable asset that can set you apart and make a lasting impact on interviewers.

Good luck!