Temporary Recruitment: Benefits

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Temporary Recruitment: Benefits

  • Publish Date: 8 months ago
  • Author:by Anne Williams

The ONE Group has been in operation for over 20 years and during this time the marketplace has experienced extreme highs and extreme lows.

The recession of 2008 and the more recent pandemic have changed the landscape for the long term because companies were faced with a wider choice of candidates in the marketplace.

With that choice came the opportunity for companies to recruit staff at their own pace, and the “try before you buy” mentality truly came into its own. Getting someone in on a temporary basis before securing their commitment permanently accounted for a large proportion of our business during these times. This ensured that everyone was 100% happy before converting the role into a permanent position. Markets will bounce back, perhaps even become stronger than before, or become buoyant. 

There are still plenty of excellent candidates available at short notice for a multitude of reasons and taking someone on temporary to permanent is a very popular choice at The ONE Group.

Why could this be the right decision for your business?

Not everyone is great at exams, some may be better at coursework, and not all candidates shine at interviews but are still great ‘on the job’.

By getting someone in on a temporary to permanent basis you can see the person in action, perhaps addressing any small niggles that you may have had initially, whilst only paying for the work that is done. Once you are happy, the permanent introduction fee is no longer a risk, but a way of ensuring that you secure that candidate for the long term. 

In a temporary assignment, the onus is shared between the candidate and the company. Training happens whilst the candidates are in the role and as the employer you don’t have to promise a permanent opportunity, if one arises, the candidate is more likely to be bought into the opportunity with loyalty to the business and feeling part of the team.  

On the flip side, in a high-candidate market, it is a great way for an in-demand person to make sure that they are happy so that they are ready to commit themselves when a permanent offer is made.