Temporary Recruitment: Payrolling

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Temporary Recruitment: Payrolling

  • Publish Date: 7 months ago
  • Author:by Anne Williams

​Temporary staff are a boon for many clients and one of the key benefits to a business is the fact that as an agency, we do all the work for you including the payrolling of your temporary worker.

In this booming market, many clients are experiencing positive growth and development but conversely, they have headcount freezes in place. A great way to get around this and continue to drive the expansion forward is to use temporary resources.

This way your permanent headcount does not increase, you don’t tend to eat into your recruitment budget, but you have the necessary assistance that you need.

Another huge benefit is that the business doesn’t have to worry about paying the temporary staff.

We bankroll everything, weekly pay, holiday pay, pension, and if you want to take someone on in an Ltd Company capacity, National Employers’ Contributions.

You receive one invoice a week reflecting the hours worked, as we all know these can vary with temporary workers which in turn means that working out a candidate's pay on your payroll can be time-consuming and costly.

You only pay for the hours that the person works. If they are off sick, there is no cost to you. If they are on holiday, there is no cost to you. Equally, you control the timesheet, each week you have to authorise the timesheet before they are paid – a simple online system that takes just a minute of your time.

Payrolling interim workers can be complicated internally. If you want candidates to work part-time, varying hours, or potentially need them to take a week off every now and again due to workload variations, hiring a temporary worker through The ONE Group offers easy payrolling solutions to assist with this.

These candidates are referenced, screened, and met by The ONE Group consultants and can either be a long or short-term addition to your team, you decide.