The Recruitment Process: Is your candidate experience up to scratch?

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Candidate experience
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The Recruitment Process: Is your candidate experience up to scratch?

  • Publish Date: 6 months ago
  • Author:by Nick Culley

​Are people blown away by your candidate experience?

When it comes to recruiting in the current market, a speedy hiring process can be the main differentiator that secures the top talent you need.

Our recruiters see it day in and day out. The longer you take to hire, the greater the chance of losing candidates to your competitors. This only results in creating a more frustrating process for everybody involved.

Below are some of our top tips to help you accelerate your candidate experience and get talent knocking at your door.

Your brand

The best candidate experience does not start with recruitment, it starts with your brand. Think of companies like Google, Nando’s, Astra Zeneca, and Network Rail… who wouldn’t want to work there? Get your brand EVP right and show off your excellent employee experience.

Ask your employees

‘People buy from people’ – something we hear time and time again, but it’s true. One of the best ways to show off your brand is by asking your employees why they work with you! What sold them to join your company? Displaying these case studies will only further attract candidates to want to work at your business.

Craft the perfect job ad

The best job ads display straightforward job titles and promote your company in a captivating way. But, make sure to use inclusive language! Did you know women will generally apply for a job if they 100% meet the criteria, whereas men will apply if they meet 60%? If you are struggling to craft the perfect advert, our recruiters have been trained to help you write and capture your vacancies in as little as an hour.

Use technology to your advantage

The one thing that the past few years have taught us, is to stop waiting to see candidates for an in-person interview and instead conduct video interviews. This creates a much quicker screening process for the first interview, and you can decide later to then meet the candidate in person. If you need to, make use of your recruitment partner's tools – we use Odro, a platform to conduct and record first-stage interviews. This can reduce your intro to hire by 70%!

Create a clear process

Nobody wants to attend a lengthy interview process. Get rid of any unnecessary steps in your recruitment process. Having a clear timetable for your recruitment process from the start, confirming who you will need to engage with the candidate at each stage. Block these stages out in your calendar to ensure you are prepared for the candidates, creating an enhanced, clear, and speedy interview process for you, the recruiter, and the candidate.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist with your next hire, contact us!