Top Performers of 2023 - Jacquelyn Mahoney

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Jacquelyn Mahoney[1]
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Top Performers of 2023 - Jacquelyn Mahoney

  • Publish Date: about 1 month ago
  • Author:by Jacquelyn Mahoney

A bit about yourself: A bit of an introverted extrovert I guess you could say… maybe that’s why recruitment works for me! I’m driven and passionate about my job, but I really love to blend in and not stand out too much from the crowd – I favour a simple life over too much craziness and my ideal weekend would involve being out with Bluu (the dog!), doing something active and eating good food paired with good wine with my circle 😊

A bit about your TOG journey: I started in TOG back in January 2016 as a Consultant and since then I think the phrase “work hard, play hard” really applies to my time here! I’ve built some longstanding, highly rewarding client, and candidate relationships, I’ve progressed in my career as a result of the ongoing hard work that’s been put in, I’ve been supported, challenged, and rewarded… I’ve been fortunate to enjoy some wonderful rewards with TOG from travelling to five countries with TOG (soon to be 6!), spending time out with colleagues at Spa’s to having time out during the working week to raise money for Charities including our flagship Charity partner, MAGPAS.

I think it’s safe to say my journey here has been fun, challenging, busy, unique, and above all, a journey I’m proud to talk about!

What got you into recruitment: Like so many of us within the recruitment world, I fell into it. I’d worked for 7 ½ years for a company that I really loved with colleagues I valued – I left this role as on my second relocation I’d moved to Cambridge and had fallen in love with the City – to stay with them meant another relocation.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do next but wanted a career where I could be both office-based with the chance to get out and about to meet people, something sales-focused and something with the ability to manage your own time… I started with a small recruitment company and realised that the job was perfect for me but, I just needed to find an employer I valued like I did my previous…. After 18 months I moved to TOG… Here is where recruitment became a real long-term option!

Why you love recruitment: I get to meet new people all the time, learn all about them, hopefully assist them, and make a lasting impact whilst also managing my own time and destiny. I’m naturally curious, I love to learn and I love seeing things evolve for the better! I really believe recruitment is one of few industries where hard work can consistently be rewarded and you can build relationships that really can last a lifetime, outside of work I love the slow life, I think for me, working in recruitment has enabled me to build a lifestyle for myself I really value and enjoy!