The ONE Group’s 20th Anniversary: An Interview with Founder, Tristan Drane

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The ONE Group’s 20th Anniversary: An Interview with Founder, Tristan Drane

  • Publish Date: 22 days ago
  • Author:by Tristan Drane

​This month, The ONE Group is celebrating 20 years in business. Over that time, the company has become an exceptional business to partner with - going beyond transactional recruitment and re-establishing the importance of putting people first.

The ONE Group’s Founder and Director, Tristan Drane, talks about what has driven the business’ success over the years and what the anniversary means to him.

What does the 20-year anniversary mean to you?

A HUGE achievement! It has been an amazing journey filled with extraordinary highs mixed with some unbelievably difficult periods. We have been through recessions, Brexit, Covid and just when we thought all the bad news was behind us, we lost Anthony Barnes last year, my fellow Founder and Director of TOG and my best friend throughout.

This naturally caused a significant impact on everyone in the business but the strength, resolve and support to each other internally was something truly special. Internally it feels more than a business, it’s a community, a friendship group, a support network, it can be whatever people need from it and to be part of that feels incredible.

What have been the highlights for you?

Last year we won a number of business awards which was great, but more importantly for me, I feel that over this time we have created something really special in The ONE Group. It is difficult to identify any one thing as it is a smorgasbord of people, talent, opportunity, drive, determination and many other things that make it the business it is today.

We have assisted thousands of people in finding new jobs enhancing their careers and future opportunities.

Also I have to mention our partnership with Magpas Air Ambulance which has lasted almost as long as our existence. In June 2024 we are running our next golf day which will take us to over £150,000 raised during our time supporting this amazing local charity.

What has driven The ONE Group’s success?

We are a people business in terms of what we do but also the values we live by every day. We look to provide autonomy and opportunity to allow people to flourish in what they do. We have certainly made mistakes over the years but learn from these and are constantly aiming to make ourselves better as a business.

What’s next for The ONE Group?

We have so much more we want to do and achieve; we are in great shape people wise and are ready to move into the next phase of our journey.