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​We understand the vital role that creativity plays in driving innovation and success in today's competitive landscape. Our specialist Creative Recruitment Consultants don't just fill positions; they look to build a team that fits in with and adds a unique flair to your marketing team.

We go beyond conventional recruitment methods to bring exceptional creative minds into your fold, assessing creative talent and ensuring they align with your organisation's creative vision.

We've successfully placed creative professionals in diverse industries, from advertising and design to entertainment and technology. Our team's expertise spans various sectors, ensuring we can identify and attract the best creative talent, no matter the industry.

Our personalised approach to creative recruitment considers your organisation's culture, values, and specific creative requirements. Experience our collaborative approach, where we work closely with your team to understand the nuances of your creative projects and the specific skills needed.

By choosing The ONE Group for your creative recruitment needs, you're not just hiring individuals; you're bringing in a creative force that aligns seamlessly with your organisation's vision and values. Experience the difference of having a team that doesn't just think creatively but also embodies creativity in every aspect of their work.


Client Testimonial

​"Keri is a fantastic recruiter. What started as just searching for one candidate, ended up turning into four, all discovered by Keri. Keri really understands what you’re looking for as an employer and works both tirelessly and intelligently to help secure some of the best talent in the field. Passionate, innovative, and friendly, I can’t recommend Keri enough if you’re looking to expand your team."

Some of the many roles we recruit for:

  • Graphic Designers

  • UX Designers

  • Brand Executives

  • Brand Managers

  • Advertising Assistants

  • Advertising Executives

  • Advertising Managers

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  • Clare Filsell
    Clare Filsell
    Senior Consultant, Office Support - Northampton Office
  • Harry Bragg
    Harry Bragg
    Divisional Manager, Marketing & Creative and Office Support - Peterborough Office
  • Kayleigh Clark
    Kayleigh Clark
    Senior Consultant, Marketing & Creative - Cambridge Office
  • Keri Rossiter-Turner
    Keri Rossiter-Turner
    Senior Consultant, Marketing - Northampton Office