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​We recognise the unique challenges and demands of the events marketing domain thanks to our in-depth understanding of the events industry, including trends, best practices, and the evolving landscape. We understand that each event is unique, requiring a team that can adapt quickly to changing circumstances and deliver exceptional results. Our specialist Events Recruitment Consultants understand your expectations of having a dynamic and skilled events team that can bring your brand to life.

Our vast network of skilled professionals and the experience they have, from corporate conferences to large-scale public events, ensures that we match the right candidate for the right role in this dynamic and fast-paced field of the marketing industry. Our pool of candidates has contributed to the success of a diverse number of events for a variety of industries.

Our team doesn't just look to fill roles; we provide insights and guidance based on our extensive knowledge of the events landscape. Allowing us to source top-tier talent locally and nationally. Whether you're organising events in one region or across multiple continents, our network ensures access to the best talent pool.

By choosing The ONE Group for your events recruitment needs, you're not just getting a staffing solution; you're gaining a strategic partner who understands the intricacies of event planning and is dedicated to elevating the success of your events. Experience the difference of having an events team that not only meets expectations but exceeds them.


Client Testimonial

"Keri has to be the most passionate, genuine, and committed personality I have ever come across in the recruitment world.

From the first time I reached out to Keri, her attitude, professionalism, and, I can now say friendship has been so refreshing. Normally, recruitment coordinators only chase the buck.

Keri is different. Keri genuinely cares for her clients, in this case, (Me), and makes every effort to build a solid relationship, she gets to know you personally and builds an understanding. Continually helps to draw out more than you have thought about.

Keri supports at every stage of the recruitment process in a professional manner, guides and encourages, and remains in contact frequently. Often going above and beyond!"

Some of the many roles we recruit for:

  • Events Assistants

  • Event Planner

  • Experiential Marketing Specialists

  • Events Managers

  • Event Coordinator

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  • Clare Filsell
    Clare Filsell
    Senior Consultant, Office Support - Northampton Office
  • Harry Bragg
    Harry Bragg
    Divisional Manager, Marketing & Creative and Office Support - Peterborough Office
  • Kayleigh Clark
    Kayleigh Clark
    Senior Consultant, Marketing & Creative - Cambridge Office
  • Keri Rossiter-Turner
    Keri Rossiter-Turner
    Senior Consultant, Marketing - Northampton Office