C-Suite & Senior Management

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C-Suite & Senior Management

With a wealth of experience spanning both national and international landscapes, we excel in supporting clients within the Scientific and High-Tech sectors as they grow and strengthen their senior leadership teams. We can support businesses through our vast network of accomplished leaders within these sectors.

Our experienced consultants have been partnering with successful organisations for years. These range from global companies to early-stage startups who are beginning their journey and navigating the challenges of gaining funding. We thrive on connecting passionate individuals with teams, to ensure the future of your teams and business goals.

Establishing Trusted Partnerships

The partnerships with our clients are built upon trust and integrity, through years of expertly identifying and sourcing exceptional candidates for key leadership roles. We specialise in delivering solutions tailored to the unique demands of the Scientific and High-Tech sectors, ensuring that our clients can rely on us to secure top-tier talent.

A Collaborative Approach to Executive Requirements

At the heart of our success lies our collaborative ethos. We take pride in our ability to seamlessly partner with clients, leveraging our extensive recruitment experience and industry-specific proficiency to identify and secure senior leaders for crucial executive positions. We are able to rely on our extensive and unique tools and draw upon the power of our Marketing team to put weight behind tailored advertising campaigns, essentially allowing us to act as an extension of your business and showcase your opportunities.

In-depth Understanding of Client Operations

Dedicating time to understanding the intricacies of our client's operations is paramount to our approach. When entrusted with the recruitment of key roles, we acknowledge the profound impact these positions can have on a company. Recognising the pivotal role these leaders play in shaping a strategy and contributing to overall business success, we are committed to getting every aspect right.

C-Suite & Senior Management

Some of the many roles we recruit for:

  • Chief Technical Officer

  • Chief Scientific Officer

  • Chief Sustainability Officer

  • Scientific Operations Manager

  • Head of R&D

  • Scientific Programme Manager

  • Scientific Project Manager

  • Laboratory Manager

  • Co-Founder

  • Commercialisation Manager

  • Proposal Writer

  • Grants Specialist

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    Jen Richardson
    Business Manager, Scientific - Cambridge Office