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​We are thoroughly immersed in Nanotechnology, with a keen interest in Physical Sciences. The ONE Group works with companies in and outside the UK, including some leading semiconductor companies.

We have been instrumental in the growth of some of Cambridge’s most successful start-ups, assisting them in building their teams in their early stages and up to headcounts of 100+.

Our close link with the University of Cambridge has allowed us to work with many associated start-ups and we can always be relied upon to source senior hires, alongside talented Technicians to work in class 100 Cleanrooms.

Materials Science and Engineering is at the heart of Nanotechnology, whether it leads to advances in electronics and Quantum Computing, Bioengineering, or other disciplines. It’s one of our specialist areas and we always enjoy working with these interesting organisations!

Jen Richardson is our resident Graphene ‘expert’, having supported several organisations that can do all kinds of clever and wonderful things with this “material of the future”. She also enjoys getting involved with organisations working with other novel materials.

Client Testimonial

"​Jen from The ONE Group was so professional and helpful. The whole process was extremely smooth. I would highly recommend her and The ONE Group if you are looking for new talent to join your business."


Some of the many roles we recruit for:

  • Equipment Engineer

  • Cleanroom Technician

  • MOCVD Engineer

  • Device Scientist

  • Optical Engineer

  • Process Development Engineer

  • Materials Scientist & Engineer

  • Epitaxy Production Engineer

  • Surface Scientist

  • Photolithography Technician

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  • Jen Richardson
    Jen Richardson
    Business Manager, Scientific - Cambridge Office
  • Melanie Bell
    Melanie Bell
    Business Manager, Scientific - Cambridge Office