Students: Plugging the Gaps in your Organisation

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Students: Plugging the Gaps in your Organisation

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Jacquelyn Mahoney

​​It was reported that for the third year running, more than 800 graduate roles were left vacant in 2017, we understand from speaking to our clients who are running graduate programmes, that this can often be impacted by a lack of “first-hand” work experience to partner with their degree. Being based in Cambridge we are in a fortunate position to have access to a diverse, highly-skilled market of students, by utilising a student within your business, you could be helping to upskill candidates, making them more attractive to graduate scheme employers moving forward.

Many students look for part-time work that will not only fit around their studies but, allow them to further their pre-existing skills and build a CV which will benefit them when looking for work after their studies.

Many of our clients often mention that on a Temporary basis, they need candidates that can offer flexibility in hours and job roles themselves. Students are a great resource for covering maternity leave, job sharing etc.


At The ONE Group, we frequently work with students looking for temporary work. Often, these students have prior work experience in areas such as; administration, customer service, retail, finance, marketing and general office roles.

An example profile of a student looking for work could be;

  • 2nd-year law undergraduate

  • Previous experience working in an office environment

  • Administration

  • Secretarial

  • Customer service positions

  • Fluent in Italian

  • Looking for circa 20hours per week

  • Able to work 2 full days and 3 part-time days 


We feel that students can truly add value to a business, especially a business that can counter offer flexibility. Maybe you have a need for someone to support 2 days per week or on a certain project that requires more manpower, perhaps this workload will fluctuate, and you need a candidate who can be flexible around this.

By offering flexibility on days to be worked, students can offer the same flexibility on hours worked per week as they require fewer hours than a worker looking for a permanent placement.

Capture upcoming talent

Cambridge attracts some of the best minds in the Country, it can only benefit organisations to utilise this talent.

We are always seeing reported skills shortages in the various markets, by engaging with the student talent pool to assist in some of the lower level duties, not only does it relieve the pressure of more senior members of a team but, it also helps train the next working generation!


How long might a student interact with your business? A student can interact with your business for as long, or as short as necessary. If there is a set cover time, such as a project, then this can be put to the student, if it’s just on an ad-hoc basis, then depending on the student’s prior engagements, it is likely they can cover as extremely short notice.

However, we have known many students interact with the same company throughout their studies, working across various divisions and, due to their understanding of the business they are often a much more cost-effective solution as they will require limited training.

On the flip side students are also excellent temps for those tricky-to-fill one-day covers!