Why Organisations Should Consider the Armed Forces Community for Roles

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Why Organisations Should Consider the Armed Forces Community for Roles

  • Publish Date: over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Adam Smith

​​"For many, the transition from military service into civilian life represents one of the most significant changes an individual and their family will ever experience. It is right that, as a Department, we provide as comprehensive a resettlement offers as possible, and I am proud of the work that we do, with partners such as the British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS) organisation, to support our remarkable veterans and their loved ones." Lieutenant General Richard Nugee CVO CBE, Chief of Defence People

Here at The ONE Group, we are passionate about helping candidates find their perfect jobs and clients find their perfect match, however, The Legion’s 2014 Household Survey of the ex-Service community found that working-age veterans are nearly twice as likely to be unemployed as their equivalents in the UK general population (11% vs 6%). This equals around 120,000 veterans who are unemployed. We find this statistic to be unacceptable and have therefore we have partnered with the British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS) on this blog to help raise awareness of this fantastic candidate pool to our network.

BFRS is a Social Enterprise that was set up to help the Armed Forces Community and their families, primarily during resettlement, but also beyond, they help people to understand future career options, to build essential networks and engage with people and organisations who can help with the preparation and/or offer employment.

With over 200 trades in the Army alone, many Service Leavers are highly skilled and experienced in a range of roles such as Engineering, Project Management, HR, Policing, Transport, Logistics, IT and Communications – all easily transferable to the average workplace. Organisations that employ Service Leavers report that they exhibit much needed cross-functional skills, notably team-working, motivating others, powers of communication, problem-solving, organisational skills and strategic thinking, Service Leavers also have excellent leadership skills, with increasing responsibilities placed on them as they progress through the ranks. 

BFRS key service is their National Employment & Career fairs, held throughout the UK where people and organisations can engage on a ‘one to one’ basis. To find out more about where the team are throughout 2018 go to www.bfrss.org.uk/Events. They have employers, training providers and help & advice stations for Service Leavers and their families. The majority of the BFRS team have also served in the military or been a part of the Armed Forces Community.

Moving home is considered to be one of the most stressful experiences that most people encounter in their lives – may be so but, transitioning from military to civilian life can be much more stressful, it’s true that many military leavers do so and settle into civilian life with relative ease, but there are many who experience a wide range of issues during the process.

If you think your organisation would like to benefit from having a highly skilled Service Leaver or you are/know a Service Leaver, please get in touch on info@bfrss.org.uk or 02476 939931.

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