HR Department vs. People Team: just a fancy new name?

HR Department vs. People Team: just a fancy new name?...

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over 2 years ago

by Holly Olugosi

“Keep us compliant, deal with complaints and – above everything else –don’t get us sued.”

Sound familiar? If it does, it’s likely that you’ve been in the working world long enough to remember the HR Departments of the past. These were the people who took the passport copies, dealt with health and safety inductions and ensured that we followed (or didn’t in a lot of cases) the laws and legislations applicable to the workplace. Wanna get rid of someone? Yep, HR could help with that one. Queries relating to pay? Give HR a buzz. Grievance? Straight to HR. You get where we’re coming from; but what do we mean by ‘HR Departments of the past’?

With an ever-increasing number of businesses moving away from traditional HR functions – and we’re not talking just renaming them– we’ve taken a dive into the ways businesses are choosing to align their HR Teams (or “People Teams” as they are now more fondly known) with the strategic direction of the company and how this has made our People People more valuable than ever.