Don't rush to hire - what makes a temp great!

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Why temps are great
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Don't rush to hire - what makes a temp great!

  • Publish Date: over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Colette Circuitt

It’s easy to be convinced that the security of a permanent hire is the best option for a role but there is a lot of freedom and flexibility that can be found with hiring temporary employees.

Take a look below at some of the reasons why we think temps are great:

1. Ease workload pressures

If your teams are struggling with the current workload, hiring a temp is a great way to support your employees with this. Temps are experienced in “hitting the ground running,” which means they’re able to understand requirements quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, temporary employees assist in creating a more mobile and fluid workforce without impacting your permanent headcount, many businesses engage with interim staff when they are unable to increase this.

2. Specific purpose

Whether it’s covering a busy period, working for a one-time client, or executing a specific strategy, temps have a specific purpose and a job to get done. With permanent employees there will always be projects that have to take a back seat.

3. Cost-effective

Having a temp can be more cost-effective in the short term than hiring a permanent employee. We’ll happily chat through the costs involved with both temporary and permanent hires. It’s hard to cost up the impact to the business of not having a temporary worker but the potential cost of not delivering on projects will always be greater than the cost of a temporary worker.

4. Skillset

If you have a need for a specific skillset or a particular job, temps are able to come in and get the job done and leave when finished. There’s nothing more convenient than a temp who can help out when needed.

5. Flexibility

Having a bank of quality temps on hand can ensure you are able to adapt quickly to meet workload ebbs and flows.

6. Try before you buy

Permanent employees can sometimes be seen as a gamble, especially in newly created or amended positions. One of the benefits of a temporary placement is that you can evaluate the candidate, the role and the ongoing need or skillset for the longer term. There is also the potential that these candidates will feel comfortable that your role and company are right for them if the role becomes permanent. The temporary candidates can then be used as a comparison when interviewing permanent candidates.

7. Newbies

Sometimes bringing a new employee into a business is just what you need; a fresh approach, perspective and energy can be a great way to boost morale. Although we might not want to hear it, interim staff are also able to potentially spot areas your competitors are doing well in internally and, areas they can see could be improved such as internal processes.

8. Hours to suit

With temporary hires, you get the flexibility you need to keep your business running smoothly along with making the temporary hours suit your business needs.

9. No terminations

A hard job for any employer is having to let someone go, but with temporary workers, this part is always expected, therefore pain-free!

10. Less admin for you

Dreading the admin side of hiring a temp? Not to worry – we become the employer for you! This means we are responsible for recruiting and screening the temp and dealing with their payroll, time sheets, tax and insurance.

If you’d like to talk temps with one of our temporary employee experts, we’d love to hear from you. And if it isn’t temporary staff you are looking for just yet, we specialise in permanent hires too!

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