Making temporary contracts work for you

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Professional interims
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Making temporary contracts work for you

  • Publish Date: over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Jenni Brown

Many organisations hire professional interims to help them carry out projects that require specialised expertise or specific skill sets; implementing new IT systems, performance improvement, risk and compliance, and finance initiatives are some examples.

Professional interims have diverse experience that allows them to take a unique viewpoint in solving business challenges and managing change.

To allow a professional interim’s impact on your organisation to last beyond just the duration of the initial hire period we have created the below approach to encourage knowledge-sharing and the passing of knowledge and ideas on to your team.

This can also help ensure the interim placement is a rewarding experience for all involved.

At the start of the placement

Set the objectives

The organisation needs to establish what needs to be achieved during the placement period. Explain the details and expectations openly.

Allow them to integrate

To get the most from the placement, the professional interim needs to be introduced into the work environment, just as if they were a permanent employee. It’s vital for these types of placements to understand your workplace culture, get to know your employees and understand your business.

For the duration of the placement

Ensure your employees are involved

Your employees should have consistent and frequent contact with your professional interim by collaborating closely with them throughout the contract. These are the individuals who will learn the most from the short-term placement.

Nearing the end

Information download

The professional interim will happily share key learnings with you towards the end of the placement. This information is useful as it could help staff members get up to speed on any changes and allow them to better adapt to any changes.

Meet frequently

Ensure your employees meet regularly with the professional interim to ensure the original objectives are met. Progress catch-ups will provide greater confidence that the intelligence the professional interim brings to your organisation will remain with your team after the placement ends.

Sharing insights

A benefit of working with a professional interim is being able to generate insights developed by an outsider. They may be able to identify some changes that your company requires. So, before the placement comes to an end, ensure that you gather their insights!

The future

You may find that you’ll need a professional interim again in the future, so establishing a relationship on an ongoing or long-term basis is recommended.

And who knows, there is also the possibility that the professional interim could potentially become a full-time employee one day.

Looking to hire a professional interim? Contact us for more information about our interim recruitment.

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