Professional Interim – a great choice for your career

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Professional Interim
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Professional Interim – a great choice for your career

  • Publish Date: over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Megan Russell

Did you know you can become self-employed without having to start up your own business? This is an option for many professionals who have extensive expertise and experience under their belt and are looking for flexibility in their career with the ability to make an impact and influence the businesses they work with. It can be the perfect lifestyle choice for those professionals looking for more freedom and autonomy over their working schedule. 

A different way of working

Unlike in a permanent role, as a professional interim you can often choose hours/days to suit you and as long as the work is delivered to the client's timeframes, requirements and satisfaction the ‘how’ is largely left up to you. This can be a very different experience to permanent employment where the politics of the team, policies and ‘precedents’ only too often get in the way! We recruit for short-term, longer-term, open-ended and part-time professional interim opportunities. Most interim roles have the ‘feel’ of a meeting rather than an interview, a partnership rather than an employment. A great choice for someone who has climbed the career ladder, delivered in a permanent team structure and is seeking a more value add/impactful flexible career choice.

Professional Interim Opportunities  

There are many opportunities for high-level professionals to work on short-term or consultancy projects. Here are some of the most frequent reasons for considering high-level interim support, but there are many more:

  • Businesses growth

  • Business change or transformation projects 

  • Systems implementation or upgrades 

  • Company restructures

  • Merger and acquisition work

  • Launch of new services or products

  • Specific project-based work

  • Interim ‘business as usual’ roles e.g. maternity or vacancy cover

Another key aim of this type of professional interim placement is to transfer knowledge onto current staff and cover any gaps in the current leadership or management teams. The blueprint of a successful interim is to add value, upskill the permanent team and leave a strong legacy.  

The benefit of this type of working is the flexibility and autonomy it provides along with the ability to influence and make real impact without getting involved in the day to day of office politics! Whether your assignment is a short sharp delivery-based project or a longer-term business change role, you can be sure that your involvement will make a difference. 

High Demand

There is a high demand for professional interims willing to join a business at relatively short notice and for a limited period of time. Employers also know the value that these professional interims can add to their organisation and so are happy to pay competitively for the right person. Day rates are typical in these roles.  


There has been much discussion and change to the IR35 legislation over the last 3 years. To bring yourself fully up to speed with current legislation please read our IR35 article here.

Is it right for you? 

If you are an experienced professional with strong decision-making skills, general leadership abilities and industry insight, you may well be able to command high rates of pay in the professional interim market and enjoy the flexibility and positioning that a Professional Interim assignment or career will offer.

You will have the option of selecting the right opportunities for you to suit your own preferences and needs. You don’t need to agree to any long-term commitment plans with a single employer and you’re also able to take breaks in-between assignments. That said, many of our experienced, well-networked professional interims find it difficult to take time off due to being so integral to the business they are working with, and often being extended for months on end. Undoubtedly a good thing to be in demand and valuable, but not if you want to take a 3-month break to your house in Spain, or similar! A tough life?   Maybe, maybe not.

Where are these opportunities? 

Our specialist consultants partner closely with our clients and will often have prior knowledge of pending projects or change which will necessitate interim support. They will be well-placed to discuss with you the benefits and challenges of this kind of work and be able to offer specific opportunities for you to consider. 

Our clients understand the importance of finding the right candidates for these crucial types of role, so they choose to work with us when they want to employ a professional interim. Our consultants know their job market inside out, and understand the needs of both their clients and the talented professionals they work with, so are able to match suitable opportunities with the right person.