Working Remotely as a Temp

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Working Remotely as a Temp

  • Publish Date: over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Sian Cox

Being a temporary candidate in a new working environment can be tough as it is, without throwing working from home in the mix!

After your initial training and when working remotely, you’ll find that you’ll need to be more proactive, making sure you understand your role fully and the projects that you’re working on from the outset. Ensure that both you and your manager are on the same page from the start. Whilst you’re learning the ropes and working remotely, there are bound to be bumps in the road and hurdles to jump, but in this instance, communication is key – don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Positives of Working from Home

  • It can offer more flexibility

  • It gives time for people to focus on things outside of the office as well as their job, for example, family

  • It can create a better work-life balance, without the need to wake up extra early to travel to work, to then spend time traveling home after work also

  • You can focus better – a study from Stanford University has proven that working from home increases productivity by 13%

  • You can save money – saving on travel, buying coffee, and lunches out

  • Your access to the job market isn’t limited to just where you live.

The Benefits of Temping

Temping is a balancing act – for some people, being a temp is perfect for them. For others, being a temp is a short-term option upon searching for that perfect permanent job.

With the current climate that we are facing, unfortunately, a lot of people have found themselves without a job due to redundancy. A lot of companies are remaining cautious at this time and temporary jobs have started to overtake permanent roles in terms of popularity. Temping can be a great option to keep your skills up to date and to stay relevant and proactive in the market.


Temping can be so beneficial – it’s flexible for a start, and it can give you great exposure to new industries that you may never have had the chance to try before. It can give you the opportunity to broaden your skillset and if you can find temporary roles with respected companies, you’ll find it immediately makes your CV more desirable and could mean the difference between ending up on the Yes rather than No pile for future permanent positions if that’s what you’re aiming for in the long run.

Not only this, temporary roles can more often than not turn into permanent roles! If you already have your foot in the door temping with a company and a permanent role becomes available whilst you’re there, the majority of the time, businesses look to their temp candidates first.

Temporary to Permanent Roles

Some roles are advertised as temporary-permanent - don’t be put off by this!

We at The ONE Group placed someone in a temporary-permanent position as an Editorial Administrator. This position would generally be a permanent role as this person is likely to be needed 5+ years down the line. However, in the current climate, the company chose to make this role temporary-permanent, and they did this for a reason. Temporary-permanent roles give the company a chance to get to know you and for them to figure out whether you’re the right fit for the bill before making any final decisions – but don’t forget, it’s mutual for you too! It can also give you the opportunity to try the role and test the company before committing fully to the position – surely that could never be a bad thing?

For the last few years, we seem to have continually gone through some uncertain times, and everyone is just trying to muddle on through as best they can. It’s a rough ride, but we will get through it, and I have no doubt that we will all come out stronger on the other side. We at The ONE Group want to be there with you, so if you need any help or have any questions, please do give us a shout – we’d love to help.