Food for Thought on Manufacturing Recruitment

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Food for Thought on Manufacturing Recruitment

  • Publish Date: 10 months ago
  • Author:by Elliot Iredale

Tackling the COVID-19 impact on the manufacturing industry with temporary and contract hires.

It has certainly been an interesting year in the world of food manufacturing. Workers in food factories across the country have finally received the recognition they deserve - as heroes in our communities.

Depending on what you produce - and who you produce it for - you’ve likely seen your sales skyrocket or plummet. Some of my clients have been fortunate enough to enjoy their best years on record and others have unfortunately not shared the same success.

The most successful businesses to survive (or thrive) in 2020 will be those who have been able innovate their business model to react to the changes around us. This could achieved by targeting a new customer market, increasing your product portfolio or enhancing your current services.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, it can be hard to create some of those changes internally as your staff are accustomed to “business as usual”. You might not have anyone working for you who is experienced in the target market you wish to conquer, or you may be have a skill-gap around new product types. Or it might be the case that for budgetary reasons, you can’t afford another full-time salary on the books.

But what can you do to resolve this?

So far this year, I’ve assisted many of my food manufacturing client-base with short-term contract and interim staff so that they can provide new insights into a fresh target market. There’s an army of incredibly talented Technical & NPD staff out there who can help your business develop tasty new products to reach new audiences, or provide assistance in tailoring your specifications so that a new retailer would be interested in stocking your products.

In a classic “win-win” situation, you could add a temporary additional headcount to your workforce, enabling you to innovate your offerings and bring in some extra revenue. Plus you are providing economic relief to someone who needs it.

All that remains is finding a recruitment partner who can help narrow down the vast pool of candidates and locate exactly the type of skills or experience your business needs – this is where The ONE Group come in. We partner with some of the UK’s most recognized food manufacturers and have been supporting recruitment requirements for the last sixteen years.

As the leading independent recruiter in the East of England. Our tried and tested approach to understanding clients' needs and providing an industry-leading service has enabled us to keep our doors open (metaphorically speaking, of course!) throughout this turbulent year.

With our industry-specific consultants, we are able to perform a truly consultative approach, whilst also suggesting candidates known to us who we feel could help add value to your business.

Why not give us a call on 01733 234000 to see what we can do for you.