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Engineering Hero
4 Tips for Becoming an Engineering Manager

​​Engineering managers supervise teams throughout the design and development of a product, making sure that all deadlines are met. As you can imagine, this job requires strong organisational skills...

Food for Thought on Manufacturing Recruitment

​Tackling the COVID-19 impact on the manufacturing industry with temporary and contract hires.It has certainly been an interesting year in the world of food manufacturing. Workers in food factories...

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Recruiting for a Diverse IT Team

In the IT and Tech industries, there is a strong focus on innovation and creativity. Companies that value diversity are more creative, innovative, and successful than those that don’t. Create an in...

Tech Jpg
Temporary Talent for Technical Engineering Roles

​Specialist Technical Consultant, Holly Whetton, shares her thoughts on the benefits of interims within Engineering.More than ever, we’re seeing a rise in demand for temporary and contracted staff ...

Ramblings of a recruiter
Ramblings of a Recruiter

​Being a recruiter you are used to being pro-active, building relationships, and assisting candidates and clients to make connections that benefit both parties.Elliot Iredale - Consultant, Technica...

Technical Engineering
Transferrable Skills: A Quick Guide for Technical Engineering Professionals

​Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Jaguar Land Rover are all part of the long list of Automotive giants forced to make redundancies as a direct result of COVID-19. In June, the BBC reported t...

Womenintech Thumbnail
Women in Tech: An Industry Divided by Gender

​In a world traditionally dominated by males, we explore why it has been so difficult for women to break barriers and forge careers in Tech and IT. Talking all things gender in Tech can be quite a ...