Temporary Recruitment: Senior Interims

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Temporary Recruitment: Senior Interims

  • Publish Date: 7 months ago
  • Author:by David Ardern

​​During periods of change and leadership transition, maintaining an air of continuity and strong senior management can be tantamount to organisational success.

To this end, we have seen a recent rise in organisations seeking senior interim placements to help maintain equilibrium during change processes.

Perhaps even more interestingly, we have seen a rise in the number of professional interims, candidates who carve a highly successful career in being the point of call for companies in immediate need for an experienced individual to ‘man the fort’ whilst a permanent solution can be found.

In our experience, engaging with a senior professional interim can be of great benefit to organisations, for several reasons:

The most important being that organisations can tap into a breadth of professional expertise, gained from assignments across of plethora of industries; and such professionals also often have a proven ability in ‘hitting the ground running’, which can minimise the lapse time often felt when a previous incumbent leaves, and the lengthy recruitment and induction process required for a permanent replacement.

Professional interims are often much clearer in their approach and purpose, and thus prioritise what must be achieved within a set and agreed on timeline likewise, professional interims have often gained sufficient experience to have a proven ability in achieving similar goals and objectives.

Organisations often gain access to a much broader skill set, which professional interims are often happy to provide, meaning companies often gain much more than they expected from this interim placement.

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