Top Performers of 2023 - Jen Richardson

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Jen Richardson[1]
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Top Performers of 2023 - Jen Richardson

  • Publish Date: 5 months ago
  • Author:by Jen Richardson

A bit about yourself: I am Jen and I manage our Scientific & High-Tech team. I’ve lived in Cambridge all my life and when I’m not working, I enjoy traveling and being mum to two black cats.

How long have you worked at TOG/your TOG journey: I joined TOG in May 2021, so coming up to two years. I joined as a Senior Consultant and have worked my way up the ladder to Business Manager and also Recruitment Manager roles simultaneously. I work in the Cambridge office but also have been known to flutter around our three other offices from time to time.

What got you into recruitment: Like many people, I fell into recruitment. I joined a Technical and Scientific recruitment agency as an Administrator and Resourcer. Within a few years, I was promoted to Consultant and quickly realised it was something I was quite good at!

Why you love recruitment: I have the attention span of a gnat, so I love that it is fast-paced and is so multi-faceted. I love talking to people and quizzing them about what they do. I also love to be creative, and recruitment gives me plenty of opportunities to use those skills. I never get bored and I never run out of work to do; I am always ridiculously busy! I also love the buzz of helping people and connecting wonderful people into interesting careers which sometimes, is life-changing for them.

Your thoughts on 2023: 2023 was a very different market to 2022 and we had to work a lot harder and smarter for our successes. I was thrilled to have finished the year as top biller, but it was a tough slog!

What you have planned for 2024: I am concentrating on growing our Scientific division, including all of the sub-divisions within it. I am also committed to nurturing my team and helping them reach their full potential. I also want to continue doing pretty well myself, which all makes for an incredibly busy 2024!