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New Year, New Job - Top tips for finding a job in the new year

​The start of a new year is always seen as an opportunity to start something new, and for making those all-important new year’s resolutions! For a lot of us, this time of year is a time to assess t...

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How to build the perfect CV

How to build the "perfect" CVI've been in the recruitment business for about 5 years, and I've witnessed everything from the good to the bad, the impressive to the appalling. One thing I have never...

#BeYou – On Your CV

We believe that you should always trust in yourself and in your skills and abilities when writing your CV, and that you should try to be honest and authentic. Not being true to yourself could lead ...

5 Tips For Creating A Great Marketing Cv
TOG Talks: 5 Tips for Creating a Great Marketing CV

​On this episode we are joined by Kardi and Ayesha, who have shared their 5 tips for creating a great marketing CV, including the layout, your skills and experience, standing out in the market, dig...

Tog Talks New Year, New Job
TOG Talks: New Year, New Job with Ricardo

​In this episode, our recruitment expert, Ricardo, discusses his insights and tips on looking for a new job at the start of a new year and what value and advice he can give to clients that are look...

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Top tips on how to write your CV

​What is a CV?‘CV’ is short for ‘Curriculum Vitae’, which is a Latin phrase meaning ‘course of life’. A CV should include a brief account of your achievements, education, qualifications, and previo...