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How to build the perfect CV

How to build the "perfect" CVI've been in the recruitment business for about 5 years, and I've witnessed everything from the good to the bad, the impressive to the appalling. One thing I have never...

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Microsoft Training

​Courses and Certifications can be a great way to accelerate your career in the world of IT! They validate your practical skills, enhance your knowledge, teach you best practices, and can help you...

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Is the IT Fixed Term Contract Market Dead?

There have been some challenging times for contractors over the last few years, with a recession, a pandemic, IR35 reform and, Brexit having an impact on everyone’s working life. Good contractors a...

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The Importance of Soft Skills in IT Recruitment

​The Importance of Soft Skills in IT RecruitmentThe world of information technology (IT) is constantly evolving, with new technologies emerging every day. As the industry continues to grow, the de...