Senior Marketing Management

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Senior Marketing Management

​Discover how we source and secure top-tier marketing professionals for your unique requirements. We have been recruiting for over 20 years, and in that time, we have learned that the most experienced marketing talent never apply for roles online or put their CVs on a job board.

That’s why we’re here…

We can introduce you to marketing professionals that you’ve not been able to reach through typical recruitment techniques, on job boards, or through LinkedIn sourcing.

We’ve built a valuable network of marketing professionals who benefit from the events we run, our thought leadership, and the collaborations we’ve made with TMM (The Marketing Meetup). Our clients benefit from candidates who have been extensively vetted and suggested for roles that are genuinely right for their skills and aspirations.

Client Testimonial

"Harry was a great help in recruiting a senior manager. Accessible and always “on it”. Thoroughly professional from start to finish".

Senior Marketing Management

Some of the many roles we recruit for:

  • Head of Marketing

  • Marketing Director

  • Brand Director

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  • Harry Bragg
    Harry Bragg
    Divisional Manager, Marketing & Creative and Office Support - Peterborough Office
  • Kayleigh Clark
    Kayleigh Clark
    Senior Consultant, Marketing & Creative - Cambridge Office
  • Keri Rossiter-Turner
    Keri Rossiter-Turner
    Senior Consultant, Marketing - Northampton Office