Scientific Niche Placement

Scientific Niche Placement

Overview of Client Challenges:

  • Extremely niche vacancy

  • Tight time frame and unique skillset required

  • The position fell outside the scope of our core business.

Client Challenges

Our client had an extremely niche vacancy that they needed to fill.

They had gained funding to carry out a project which falls outside the scope of their core business. They have a prototype tool that requires someone to operate it, but also somebody with the appropriate technical knowledge and expertise to be able to identify and carry out adjustments to the deposition process. If successful, this project could potentially have huge commercial implications for their future business.

While accustomed to handling core business hiring internally, our client recognised the value of expert assistance for niche, complex roles within their industry. Along with the tight time frame and unique skillset required for this project meant that they needed to reach out for help. They were connected with one of our Scientific Recruitment Specialists, Jen Richardson on LinkedIn and understood that many of her clients are in the semiconductor industry and often require candidates with an MOCVD background. Jen came highly recommended and so our client decided to contact her.

Our Approach

Jen, leveraging her technical understanding, gathered crucial insights during a client visit to craft an effective recruitment strategy. As well as providing valuable insights on the job title, salary ranges, and ideal candidate profiles. Jen took the time to thoroughly understand the requirements, including the technical specifications and cultural fit criteria essential for the role.

Jen proposed multiple recruitment approaches, transparently detailing costs and payment stages. Our client opted for an exclusive, contingent engagement, and within one week, Jen presented three well-matched candidates. Jen facilitated seamless communication, organising initial video interviews, and accommodating time zone differences for international candidates.

How We Added Value

The recruitment process ended in the successful selection of a high-calibre professional, who had the expertise, skill-set, and cultural fit, sought by our client. Our collaborative efforts ensured a smooth and efficient recruitment process, adding value and delivering above expectations.

  1. Expert Guidance and Consultation: Jen provided valuable insights and recommendations on job titles, salary ranges, and candidate profiles, leveraging her extensive technical understanding. This ensured that our client had a clear understanding of the market and could effectively position the role.

  2. Efficient Candidate Sourcing and Presentation: Jen swiftly sourced and presented three highly suitable candidates within a week, demonstrating her ability to understand our client's needs and find the right talent quickly. This saved our client significant time and effort in the initial screening process.

  3. Smooth Coordination and Communication: Jen efficiently organised interviews, accommodating time zone differences for international candidates. Her proactive approach ensured seamless communication and scheduling, facilitating a smooth interview process for both parties.

  4. Effective Candidate Engagement and Negotiation: Jen expertly conveyed our client's offer to the preferred candidate, addressing any hesitations and facilitating a prompt acceptance. Her personalised approach and negotiation skills played a crucial role in securing the desired talent for the role.

  5. Comprehensive Onboarding Support: Jen remained actively involved post-offer, ensuring a positive onboarding experience for the candidate. Her thorough follow-up and check-ins demonstrated a commitment to both client and candidate satisfaction, contributing to a successful transition into the new role.

  6. Positive Impact on Project Timelines and Outcomes: By facilitating a seamless recruitment process, Jen enabled the project to commence on time and progress smoothly. The early positive results of the project reflected the effectiveness of Jen's recruitment efforts, ultimately contributing to the client's business objectives.

Overall, Jen's expertise, proactive approach, and personalised service added significant value to the recruitment process, ensuring a successful outcome for the client.



Second stage

Three CVs were sent within 1 week

Two first-stage interviews

​One second-stage interview