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Burnt Out
Overcoming an Overworked, Stressed and Burned Out Environment

​Our latest webinar revealed the blurred the lines between work and home life leading to overworked, stressed, and burned out individuals.For many ‘home’ has morphed into an office, a sports hall,...

Septemberevents Thumbnail
September Event Summary

​We have partnered up and hosted a range of successful business development and networking events based in Peterborough, Northampton and Cambridge.Driving Emotional Intelligence and Reducing Stress...

Wellbeing Thumbnail
Workplace Wellbeing: What You Need to Know

​You’ve heard all about workplace wellbeing right?It’s a significant business issue which is becoming more prominent in successful organisations. Here, Joe Gaunt, Founder and CEO of hero (www.herow...

Happy Workplace Thumbnail
Happy Me is a Happy We

Why Corporate Wellbeing is All About ‘Me’ - It’s believed that presenteeism is the UK’s biggest threat to productivity.​Guest Author - Hero WellbeingA key issue for organisations that want to look ...

Millenial Workforce Thumbnail
The Millennial Workforce

The way in which we do business has changed significantly in the past 5-10 years. Guest Author - Hero WellbeingInternational travel is common, the working day and indeed week has morphed and evolve...